Brian C. from Niskayuna NY says ...

"I have been using Luke's Wood kiln-dried kindling all winter, and it is by
far the best kindling wood I have purchased.  I use it each day to to start
my wood stove, consuming 3-4 cords of wood over the course of the winter.
The kiln dried wood is far superior to the mass produced starter wood at
big box stores.  I even purchased multiple boxes to give to friends as
gifts.  Best of all, by purchasing Luke's Wood, I'm supporting a local


Barry T. says .....

"Hello to all my fellow wood burners.

   Over the past two years I have made many visits to The Adirondack Mountains of New York, seeking the perfect place to build my retirement Log Cabin.  I did in fact find and purchase a beautiful parcel over looking Ticonderoga and Lake Champlain.

  With that said I also discovered "The Kings Wood" kiln dried Adirondack hard wood which is split into kindling sized pieces. I did some research on the internet a site called Lukeswood.com after reading the site I decided to pickup a couple of bundles to try out in my wood burner, back home.

  When the time came to load my stove I placed 4-5 pieces of the Kings Wood kindling in the fire box then some small pieces of well seasoned oak (12-18 months) that is stored indoors.  Much to my surprise one match was all it took to ignite the kindling.  Once I had a nice small fire burning I just added more cord wood and had one beautiful fire burning.  Later on that day a friend stopped by saw the bundle of kindling.  That's when we began to play to see how much it really took to light a piece.  Once again just one single match or Bic lighter is all it took.

  I am totally sold on this kindling and have picked up more on recent trips north not only for myself, but for friends and family as well.  All are very happy!!

   With that said  THE KINGS WOOD ROCKS !!!  A devoted user of  The Kings wood Kiln dried Adirondack kindling, Try it you will love it!!! "



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