Lukes Wood humbly offers a metal Poker Rod like everyone had in colonial times.  Hand-made in the Adirondacks.


Designed by our Forefathers


We only tweaked a little with a 5" oval handle to accommodate a large hand.  Hexagon shaped for a better grip and look, for feel and heft; an heirloom for several generations.




Fireplace Implement by Lukes Wood, Woodstove Poker


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                              Tempered hand forged 5/8 hexagon cold finished steel. 

                              42" tall from 5" oval handle top to bottom.  90 degree bend

                              with 5 1/2" long tapered point. 



Offered at $93.00 plus shipping

Money back guarantee because we know you will be pleased.


Years of burning wood in a fireplace and wood stove has taught us we only need this one "good" tool and a pair of welder gloves for $11.89 (Kinco) wood stove gloves cost $20 plus dollars.  Different name, but same product.


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